How To Respond To Google Reviews

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Google reviews are important for your business whether it’s positive or negative, you need to respond to both reviews so the customer knows you appreciate their business.
In this article, we will provide the importance of responding to customer reviews and how it can benefit you as a business owner.

How To Respond To Google Reviews
How To Respond To Google Reviews

Should You Respond To Customer Reviews?

Responding to reviews is important for any business to be successful, as it demonstrates your concern for your customer’s experiences and your willingness to go above and beyond to resolve their issues.

It’s essential to reply both types of reviews positive and negative, as it shows potential customers your dedication to providing amazing service and showing loyalty to your customers

Try to look at negative reviews as a positive as it’s is a great way to try and repair the issue with the customer and show consumers you are trying to make things right.

Potential customers check online reviews before purchasing and showing your appreciation can lead them to choosing your business over competitors.

How To Respond To 1 Star Google Reviews?

Adam – ⭐ “We appreciate your feedback and are very sorry our service did not satisfy your expectations. Please call or email us, so that I can look into this issue as soon as possible. ”

1. Respond Immediately

Responding to negative reviews quickly to show that you value and take your customer feedback seriously.

Request that the customer contacts the company’s owner personally so they can resolve the issue and overturn the negative review into a positive.

Getting the customer to contact you directly is the best way to find out more details on what went wrong.

2. Show Empathy

Let the customer know that you are sorry for their negative experience, which led them to leaving a 1 star review.

If you are aware of the problem the customer had with your business, let them know you’ll take steps to prevent it in from happening again in the the future.

3. Resolve The Customer Issue Privately

Try to take the conversation offline instead of showing the issue in public for everyone to see. Reach out to them to rectify the situation.

For example if a customer had a bad experience at a restaurant you can offer them a refund with a free meal. You need to do whatever it takes to change the customers feedback.

How To Respond To 5 Star Google Reviews

Sasha – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Thank you, Sasha! We appreciate your kind words and are glad to hear that you had a positive experience with our business and we look forward to serving you again in the future!”

1. Show Appreciation

When a customer is kind enough give your business a 5 star review, it’s important to respond.

This is because your response will show other potential customers that you really care about their opinions on your products or services.

Most businesses will not respond to reviews, which can come across that you don’t care, so it’s important to respond.

2. Loyal Customers

Responding to your reviews shows your loyalty to your customer and that’s the least you can do as they are not paid to leave positive reviews.

Showing loyalty to your customer works both ways as by doing this you can get repeat business as the customer knows you appreciate them.

3. Positive Impact On Your Business

Responding to all your business reviews will show Google that you genuinely care about your customers and it will improve your positioning on Google maps.

There are many positive impacts that it could have on your business just by expressing your gratitude towards your customers.

How To Respond To Fake Google Reviews?

Some businesses can become a victim of fake reviews, they can be positive or negative and they can really hurt your sales and reputation. They could be difficult to notice, here’s what you should look out for.

  • The Google business profile is new
  • They have left reviews for different countries
  • The review is too positive or too negative
  • The reviewer is a local guide user

Once you notice the fake review immediately flag it to Google and you will need to complete a form to process your request. After that, Google will then review the request and determines whether it violated their policy, You will be notified if your request was successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to login and respond to customer reviews?

To respond to your customer reviews: 1. Login to your Google my business. 2. Go to the “Reviews” tab 3. Tap the ‘Reply’ on the review you want to respond to. 4. Click “Submit” on your reply.

How to delete a negative review?

Google can’t remove a negative review from your Google business profile unless the review is inappropriate.

Why can’t I reply to a customer review?

If you are having issues responding to a customer review, it could mean that your need to reverify your business.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts, responding to customer reviews is important to grow and develop your business , take advantage of negative feedback as you will know on what to improve to keep your customers satisfied.