The Risks Of Buying Google Reviews


Do You Want To Buy Google Reviews?

We understand buying Google reviews can be tempting when it comes to starting a new business, but don’t fall for this trap, It can put your business at risk. If you are serious about building a business then it’s better to do it from the ground up and it will all be worth it in the end.

Why Do Businesses Buy Google Reviews?

Most business owners want to jump right ahead instead of putting in time and effort to earn genuine reviews from their customers. We understand you want to build trust with consumers as you may be a new business trying to find your footing but taking the shortcut is not the way to do it.

Are You Allowed To Buy Google Reviews?

Firstly, it’s unethical to buy Google reviews and it violates Google guidelines and you can be fined and prosecuted by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) which operates in over 100 countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many more.

How to earn Google reviews instead of buying them?

Ask customers to leave a Google review

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business asking customers for Google reviews is the best way to earn genuine reviews without putting your business at risk and it will help build authority and credibility in your business niche. Here are a few ways to get positive reviews.

Use the Google review marketing kit

Using the Google review marketing kit in an effective way to stand out from your competitors. It’s a unique and productive way in asking for reviews from your customers. It lets you customise the text and icon to match your branding. Here’s a few things you can create using the marketing tool.

4 Main Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Google Reviews!

Violating Google’s policies results in immediate suspension

It is clearly expressed in Google’s policies, buying or posting fake reviews is strictly forbidden. You could lose Google Business Profile which means your business will no longer appear on Google Maps or Google Search, reducing your online presence and damaging your reputation. Google has refined systems in place to monitor and detect fake reviews. If it goes against Google’s policies, the reviews will be removed by Google immediately.

Google Can Detect Fake Reviews Using Their Sophisticated System

Google has sophisticated spam filters to detect and remove fake reviews. Up until 2023 Google removed 175 million reviews and estimated nearly 15 million fake business profiles have been suspended. Google has a unique algorithm that identifies fake reviews. It also relies on consumers to reports any suspicious activity on reviews they come across on business pages.

Legal Consequences By The FTC

Buying Google reviews is completely illegal and prohibited, and businesses could face legal action. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) actively states the law on their website and takes action on complaints and reports. In 2022 the FTC declared a settlement of $4.2 million with Fashion Nova. Which highlights they take matters of this nature seriously as consumers rely on online reviews when purchasing.


Customers Losing Trust In Your Business

When customers realise that a business has bought fake reviews, they will lose trust in your business’s products or services. Purchasing reviews can ruin the reputation. Most importantly it can impact the customer’s trust, which is difficult to regain. Losing customers trust can result in negative word of mouth. Consumers are likely to buy from a business with authentic reviews, which shows the importance of building trust with the customer.

How To Improve Your Google Business Reputation?

Reply to positive and negative reviews that are left on your Google business profile as that will show consumers you care for your customers and you’re ready to make things right and they can make their own choice if they want to purchase from the business.
Reply To Reviews
A lot of online businesses have become a victim of fake Google reviews as it’s very competitive in every market but don’t panic and buy Google reviews as that’s a bad idea. If your business is being targeted with fake Google reviews, immediately report them to Google.
Report Fake Reviews
Always go above and beyond to meet your clients needs and expectations and provide the best customer service possible as that’s the key to success in any business. Satisfied customers will be more than happy to leave your business a review.
Customer Service Is Key

FAQs When Buying Google Reviews

It’s definitely not safe to buy Google reviews and it could ruin your business.

If you buy Google Reviews and the FTC notices that the reviews have been bought you and your business can be fined and prosecuted.

The first step, report the fake reviews to Google and reply to the review so customers can see the response.

There are many advantages to Google reviews such as SEO having lots of positive reviews will rank your business at the top of the Google maps for your local area / city.

Email marketing is your best option, offer an incentive to your customers for leaving your business a review, that usually works.

Absolutely, most of the consumers check Google reviews before ordering from a business, that just shows the importance of reviews.

We know it’s tough to start a new business with no reviews, maybe you could ask your friends and family to review your business to get started.

You need to follow the steps to verify your GMB listing, they usually request a code which is sent to your business address.

If you have received fake Google Reviews, you need to report them to Google as that’s the best way to get the reviews removed.

Absolutely, if the review is genuine, you should reply as it will show the consumers you care for your customers.

Final Thoughts 💭

Final thoughts, buying Google reviews is very risky and it’s an unethical method to get reviews for your business. Instead focus on providing quality customer service and always aim to leave the customer satisfied as that will encourage them to leave a review. Remember the saying “Slow and steady wins the race” it’s a MARATHON not a SPRINT.