Do You Want To Buy Google Reviews?

We understand buying Google reviews can be tempting when it comes to starting a new business, but don’t fall for this trap, It can put your business at risk. If you are serious about building a business then it’s better to do it from the ground up and it will all be worth it in the end.

Why Do Businesses Buy Google Reviews?

Most business owners want to jump right ahead instead of putting in time and effort to earn genuine reviews. They buy 5 star Google reviews because they want to build trust with consumers or they want to cover up bad reviews on their business page.

Are You Allowed To Buy Google Reviews?

Firstly, it’s unethical to buy Google reviews and it violates Google guidelines and you can be fined and prosecuted by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) which operates in over 100 countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many more.

How to get Google reviews the right way?

Ask Customers To Leave A Google Review

DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! the first step would be email marketing as every business big or small is doing this to increase their conversion rate etc. You can ask your customers to leave a review for your business, maybe offer them a discount on their next order as an incentive if they leave a review for your business. There are lots of creative ways to get reviews.

Negative Google Reviews

We acknowledge the frustration of negative Google reviews that is having an impact on your day to day sales, even though your business has lots of positive reviews consumers can be very picky when purchasing online or maybe you have been a victim of fake reviews that you want removing. WE GOT YOU COVERED!


Google Is The Most Trusted Review Platform

DID YOU KNOW? Google is the most trusted review platform in the world and it’s the best way to build authority for your brand or business. Using this platform is the best way to expand and scale.

Rank First On Google Maps

DID YOU KNOW? Receiving lots of positive Google reviews from customers will push your Google my business listing to the top of the Google maps for your local city. So if consumers search for a keyword related to your business, you would show up first. If you buy Google maps reviews you are putting your business on the line.

Over 70% Check Google Reviews

DID YOU KNOW? Over 70% of consumers check Google reviews before deciding to visit or purchase from a business. That’s why you always need to have an outstanding reputation. THAT CANNOT BE MATCHED!


Reply to negative reviews that are left on your Google business profile that as that shows consumers you care for your customers and you’re ready to make things right and they can make their own choice if they want to purchase from the business.


Every business receives fake Google reviews as it’s very competitive in every market, but don’t panic and buy Google reviews as that’s a bad idea. If your business is being targeted with fake reviews, immediately report them to Google.



Always go above and beyond to meet your clients needs and expectations and provide the best service possible as that’s the key to success and it’s the easiest way to earn positive Google reviews for your business as satisfied customers will be more than happy to leave your business a review.


Buying Google Reviews is bad business practice and it has many consequences. The FTC - Federal Trade Commission may take legal action against you for deceiving consumers with fake reviews, resulting in fines etc. If Google notices the reviews on your GMB page are not genuine it will be permanently suspended.



It’s definitely not safe to buy Google reviews and it could ruin your business.

If you buy Google Reviews and the FTC notices that the reviews have been bought you and your business can be fined and prosecuted.

The first step, report the fake reviews to Google and reply to the review so customers can see the response.

There are many advantages to Google reviews such as SEO having lots of positive reviews will rank your business at the top of the Google maps for your local area / city.

Email marketing is your best option, offer an incentive to your customers for leaving your business a review, that usually works.

Absolutely, Most of the consumers check Google reviews before ordering from a business, that just shows the importance of reviews.

We know it’s tough to start a new business with no reviews, maybe you could ask your friends and family to review your business to get started.

You need to follow the steps to verify your GMB listing, they usually request a code which is sent to your business address.

If you have received fake Google Reviews, you need to report them to Google as that’s the best way to get the reviews removed.

Absolutely, if the review is genuine, you should reply as it will show the consumers you care for your customers.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap it up, buying Google reviews is not worth it in the long run. As the saying goes “Slow and steady wins the race” Remember it’s a MARATHON not a SPRINT.