Google Review Not Showing Up – Do This To Appear In 2023

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We all know Google reviews is an essential metric to build brand credibility for a business. The power of online reviews is vital as potential customers check business reviews before making their buying decision. On some occasions Google may have a glitch in their system and may delay the process of the review appearing on the GMB page.

In this article, we will analyse why Google reviews may not show and recommend solutions in resolving this issue.

Google Reviews Not Showing Up

Why are my Google reviews not showing?

Google wants to ensure the reviews left by customers are genuine before it goes live as businesses are purchasing fake reviews and it goes against Google’s policies.

Google examines every review to see if it should be removed for various reasons such as, fake reviews, spam, inappropriate language, or conflicts of interest.

If you notice that one of your business review on your Google My Business page suddenly stops appearing, it may be a removed for violating Google’s policy.

In the event that Google detects any reviews that are not appropriate or off-topic, they will flag them and remove them as they do not adhere with their policies.

Google’s Prohibited and Restricted Content

Google has a strict policy for Prohibited and Restricted Content

It includes but is not restricted to material that is

  • illegal
  • encourages hatred or violence
  • contains sensitive and private information
  • sexually graphic content
  • false or deceptive information

Google also retains the power to delete reviews that aren’t compliant with its guidelines. The rules are applicable to all Google services where users can publish reviews.

Google Reviews Not Showing Up? Here Are 8 Possible Reasons

  1. Reviews on Google have been temporarily disabled
  2. Google business listing information is inaccurate or out of date
  3. Identical Google Business Listing
  4. Same Google Business New Location
  5. Google Review marked as Spam
  6. Google Reviews with Embedded Links
  7. Fake Google Reviews
  8. Google Reviewer Account Is Inactive

1. Reviews On Google Are Temporarily Disabled

If you suspect that your Google reviews are not showing up because of verification issues, you must take steps to complete Google business verification.

One of the main reasons why reviews for your business are not appearing is because of verification issues with your Google Business Listing.

In order to guarantee that the business information provided on the GMB is accurate and current, Google validates company listings. Google Reviews may not appear if the business has not been verified.

Google wants to ensure that the information about the company is genuine and to protect consumers.

2. Google business listing information is inaccurate or out of date

When a Google business listing has out of date information, it becomes inactive. This may prevent the listing from showing up in Google search results and Google maps, which will make it more challenging for customers to find and review your company.

If your company has an inactive Google business listing, simply update and verify the information. Ensure the name, address, phone number, website, and operating hours for your company. Then, publish the listing. Once the data has been updated and confirmed, the listing for the business will go live.

A live Google Business listing is crucial since it gives prospective clients useful details about your company. An active listing will also help your business become more credible and visible, which will win over more customers and generate more favourable reviews.

3. Identical Google Business Listing

When a business listing on Google Maps appears more than once, this is referred to as a duplicate listing. Consumers may find it challenging to obtain all correct information about your company. Google will remove the duplicate if you have more than one business listing for the same location.

It could be complicated to get a duplicate Google business listing taken down if a business owner created it without that knowledge or approval. In order for a business to be easily found by potential customers, it needs to have a up to date information on the Google listing.

4. Same Google Business New Location

Should Google transfer the reviews to the new address on Google Maps if a company relocates but keeps the same business name.

Google may not immediately transfer the ratings, though, if a company is associated with a certain businesses, such hotels, gyms, or other attractions.

If so, use the Report a Problem link on Google my business page to email a report and provide the details about your new place of business. Always keep in mind that if you relocate, you might also need to re-verify the listing.

5. Google Review marked as Spam

In order to maintain the standards, Google has spam filters to remove reviews. If a Google review isn’t appearing for any reason, it might have broken Google’s review guidelines.
When consumers report a Google review as inappropriate, the review may also be deleted. In these situations, Google looks into the disputed review before removing it from the listing.

Google doesn’t allow links in reviews due to the potential for misuse. A link can also be prohibited by Google’s guidelines for advertising or promotional content in reviews.

If a review of your company contains a link, it’s likely that Google’s algorithms have noticed the review and taken it down from the platform.

It’s best to advise customers against posting links or URLs in their reviews in order to prevent this. Encourage them to provide enlightening evaluations based on their own experiences instead.

7. Fake Google Reviews

One of the reasons your Google reviews might not be appearing is because they may be false.

A fake Google review of your company could be written by a competitor or for the other motives so control the reputation of your company.

It is forbidden by Google to purchase reviews for your company or hire someone else to do it. If you do this, your account can be suspended or the reviews for your company might be deleted because it is unethical.

Fake reviews can have a negative impact on consumers purchasing from your business, so immediately report the reviews to Google so it doesn’t affect your reputation.

8. Google Reviewer Account is Inactive

Google monitors the reviewer’s inactivity and if the account has not been used for a while, Google will deactivate the account and all the reviews will be removed.

It’s important to remember that Google’s policies and guidelines are subject to change. The platform regularly reviews accounts to ensure they comply with its terms of use. As a result, even if a review was posted and visible in the past, it may no longer be visible if the reviewer’s account becomes inactive.

It’s always important for business owners to encourage their customers to use active Google accounts when leaving reviews. It ensures that the reviews remain visible and accessible to other consumers.

FAQs about Google reviews not appearing

Why is my Google review not showing publicly but I can see it?

If the Google review has been published but it’s not live on the Google business page, this means the Gmail account is new or created recently. Google wants to protect business owners from fake online reviews so you would need to use an old account for the review to go live.

How to see deleted Google reviews?

You won’t be able to view a deleted Google review on your business profile. The only possible way to see the deleted review is when you receive a notification via email when a review is left on your business.

Are you able to hide Google reviews?

Unfortunately, you can’t hide or disable Google reviews from your business profile, but you can permanently delete the GMB listing, so all the reviews will be removed.

How long does it take for my Google review to show up?

When you post a review on a Google business profile it usually appears instantly but sometimes can take up a while to appear due to number of reasons, as stated in the article.

Final Thoughts

When Google reviews are not showing up on your business page, it’s important to follow all the steps provided in this article to find the right solution that works for you. Google reviews is an essential factor in generating revenue and in acquiring customers.